Problems of Financial System in Middle East

High Inflation

Many national currencies of the Middle East countries are subject to high inflation – this devalues the savings of the population

High Volatility

High volatility of local currencies together with high inflation adversely affects the well-being of people

High gas and transaction fees of other currencies that limits adoption of crypto

High fees for transfers in cryptocurrencies make them impossible for everyday exchange and payment of goods. The cost of commissions among popular cryptocurrencies can reach 20$, what should a person do who needs to send only 10$?

Problems with transfers between people within the states and international payments

The transfer of some tokens may take more than 10 minutes. How's it possible to pay for goods in the store with such delays?
Why choose DIDCOIN?

We offer the solution

Easier payments
Payment with the didcoin will be so easy and affordable,there will be no need to pay for gas through token card
Exchange and transfer
Sending money abroad can be done in a matter of minutes no matter where you are
Store and accumulate
The didcoin will grow exponentially and this will act as an incentive for our token users to store and save
Credit with DeFi
The didcoin will grow exponentially and this will act as an incentive for our token users to store and save
Installation of ATMs
The cost of buying Didcoin via ATMs +5% from the exchange
Discounts and bonuses
Gas stations, hotels, stores, shops, restaurants, cafes

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Token Parameters

Token Name


Token Abbreviation


Maximum Supply




  • 51% – Foundation, development
  • 20% – Exchanges, listings
  • 15% – Team
  • 9% – Marketing, advertising
  • 5% – Partnerships
our plan

Project Roadmap


The idea of a digital dinar was formed

Forming a team; screening technologies that will be used for development


Meeting of the first working group on the Digital Dinar

Forming the strategy of development of the project


Formation of the first roadmap and tasks approval

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Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

The success of the project is the result of well coordinated and organized work of like-minded people looking for new ways to solve human problems

Rouven Burgel


Sergei Romero

Cheef technical director

Farid Hamdal

Operational director

Erica Levina

Cheef marketing officer

Hashir Javal

Distribution manager

Ramana Parvati

DD, DDM, Application manager

Nicole Larette

PR Manager

Joseph Mordehai

iOS Developer

Alina Arkhipova

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